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  Hear it from the boss babes like you
Product research can be one of the trickiest parts in starting selling products online and on Amazon.
Your product choice will determine how successful your Business will be
Finding the right product however can be soooo hard! If you don't know exactly how to search for a product, you could easily spend months and months searching without any decent results.
My first few products on Amazon totally failed and I lost all my savings I learned how to do product research Correctly!
Most People fail when they start selling products online...

 It can be  REALLY HARD  to find a Winning Product.
Most waste month and months searching for the right products and end up with nothing. Often so demotivated that they give up.

Many lose a lot of money on the wrong products.When I first got stared, I lost 10k on products that where not selling well. Just because I didn't know what I was doing and I tried to do it on my own.

So many of the tactics shared online, mostly on YouTube, are not really effective...often even so wrong that it can lead you to a big mistake. I know how frustrating it can be to be exposed to so much conflicting information out there. Which is why I decided to change that.
Let me help you!
Find your winning product in less than 21 Days!
Over the years of working with 1000s of products, I found a formula that allowed me to find winning product ideas in just days sometimes even just hours.

I am now on a mission to help others find their winning products faster and without the pain that I had to go through back then!

On March 1, 2021 I am starting my first ever 21-Day "Winning Product Challenge" where I will share with you my exact techniques to help you find a winning product (or multiple) quickly.
I'm Laura Buhl
And I help business sell their products successfully on Amazon.

Over the years I have worked with 1000s of products and been able to find proven techniques for faster and easier product research.

This isn't how I got started though.....Let me tell you a quick story about the time I was trying to sell a hair straightener on Amazon that I'd poured my heart and soul into.

It failed... That was 5 years ago.

Since then I have been on a mission to figure this Amazon "thing" out! Which is why I ended up working for Amazon themselves. I really got obsessive! And spend day and night educating myself around everything that had to do with selling successfully. Pretty quickly, I was put in a special team that coach and support Europe's top 100 Sellers.
That's when I started to really figure this all out!

After working with many business, I started noticing a common trend! Most were male owned! This is why I founded eCommerce Boss Babes - A community for ambitious women that want to build their eCommerce empire and disrupt the market with awesome products!
2021 is going to be another incredible year for eCommerce!
Build your own empire with the right products!
Building your eCommerce Business is one of the best things you can focus on now! Build a striving empire that is going to be able to give you freedom and growth...from the comfort of your sofa.  Thats what I love about it! 

You can spend more time doing the things you love, spend time with your loved ones, and still build your own empire.
Winning Product Challenge!!
This Challenge is going to be an absolute game changer!  In just 21 Days you will find your Winning Product and learn how to do product research like a Pro!
This Is What You Get! 
Included In The Winning Product Challenge...

Daily Classes in Membership Area 
($997 Value)

For 21 Days you'll get daily classes for you to fully understand well each part that plays a role in product research and validation.

Access to Classes even after 21 Days Challenge

Niche Selection Masterclass ($197 Value)

Selecting the right Niche is for many extremely challenging which is why we will dig deep and learn how you can find profitable niches easily.

Private Community

The Challenge comes with a free comunity where you will be able to connect to others, find accountabitly partners, ask questions and maybe even make some likeminded friends.

Daily Interactive Workbooks
($197 Value)

You will receive daily interactive Workbooks where you have all important steps handy. For whenever you need to go back to something and go through the steps.

Winning Product Validation Class & Checklist ($247)

It is not only to know how to find product but also to identify if those will be the right products for your businesses. 
This is why, I am giving you my personal product validation checklists and do have a class on how to best use it.

And, on this page only, I am going to include some exclusive bonuses you...
can't get anywhere else! 

200 Profitable Niche Ideas for 2021 ($97 Value)
Many struggle with finding profitable niche ideas which is why I have compiled a list of 200 profitable niche to support you in your niche research.
[ awesome Margin calculator ]
Profit Calculator
An important part of selecting a product is calculating how profitable your product choice can be. With the profit calculator, you'll be able to have calculate your margins easily.
[ Make your Product Stand out ]
My personal Secret List of 20+ Alibaba Alternatives 
($47 Value)
A key to succeed on Amazon is to stand out! Stand out by sourcing your product where no one else does and win over your competitors!
The Winning Product Challenge Covenant
If You are not happy, neither am I!
I'm behind you 100%!  If you followed every single step and still don't find a product! I'll refund you.
The only time this challenge will available at this price!
Limited Spots available
You will get my Secret Sauce!!
up until now I only shared my techniques with my high-end customers!
Now for the first time ever, I am sharing my tricks and systems with you in the winning product challenge. 

Over 21 Days I'll share with you all that you need to know to research products like a pro.

I am not sure if I will be repeating this challenge anytime soon.

Looking forward to seeing you in the challenge!

Remember, you're just one product away from building the business of your dreams!

-Laura Buhl
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  •  Winning Product Challenge Classes - learning all the secrets ($997 Value)
  •  Private Community (Priceless)
  •  Daily Missions Interactive Workbooks ($197 Value)
  • ​Niche Selection Masterclass - To find profitable Niches ($197 Value)
  • ​200 Profitable Niche Ideas for 2021 ($97 Value)
  • ​Profit Calculator ($187 Value)
  • Winning Product Validation Class & Checklist ($247 Value)
  •  My personal Secret List of 20+ Alibaba Alternatives  ($47 Value)
Total Value: $1969
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